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Adding Vision to the Detection of Liquid Explosives…
Liquid explosives represent a highly volatile and powerful class of explosives. They don’t necessarily involve elaborate or powerful detonators to initiate an explosion. Requiring less material than solid explosives for a proportionate explosive force, and easily concealed, terrorists would be less likely to attract the attention of airport security. Beyond the obvious detection challenges presented by liquid explosives, many of the precursor components of liquid explosives are by themselves benign in nature, yet, when combined with other liquids form powerful and destructive bombs. 

The ability to locate, identify and characterize liquid materials is fundamental to the protection of critical infrastructure and human life.  The required technology must be sophisticated and powerful enough to be able to distinguish near indistinguishable liquids with similar chemical composition.

PinPoint™, with its broadly powerful analysis engine, can provide unique mathematical 'fingerprints' to discriminate liquids separated by as little as a single atom of oxygen, i.e. water (H2O) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Water vs Peroxide SignaturePinPoint is the advanced threat detection software developed by our wholly owned subsidiary Guardian Technologies International (GDTI). Employing our core algorithmic technologies, PinPoint has numerous homeland security applications, including checkpoint baggage screening, body scanning, liquid explosives detection, IED detection, satellite image screening, border checkpoints and hyperspectral imaging analysis.