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Infectious Diseases

Adding Vision to Infectious Disease Diagnosis…
Among infectious diseases, tuberculosis is the second leading killer accounting for approximately 1.8 million deaths per year.  In developing countries around the world, the task of identifying the disease rests with laboratory technicians examining stained sputum specimens through the eyepieces of a microscope.  The task is tedious and prone to human error resulting in missed diagnosis of the disease. 


Signature Mapping TBDx™ developed by our wholly owned subsidiary Signature Mapping Medical Sciences,(SMMS) is a fully automated slide management system that eliminates the need for a human to look at slides through a microscope. A single system can handle up to 200 slides and provide a highly sensitive diagnosis of tuberculosis well beyond the capabilities of the human technician. TBDx accurately provides a TB diagnosis within minutes, at a very low cost and with minimal human intervention - making it an ideal mass screening tool for the masses in countries with high burdens of TB.

The Signature Mapping SMDS™ (Slide Management Diagnostic System) is the technology platform that will support the rapid development of additional automated diagnostic solutions for laboratory/pathology applications.

Signature Mapping TBDx Video - A Computer Aided Detection Solution for TB