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Breast Cancer

Adding Vision to Breast Cancer Diagnosis…
U.S. annual estimates of breast cancer diagnostic activity:

  1. 35 million mammograms performed;
  2. 1.5 million biopsies performed;
  3. 87% of biopsies return a negative finding (mammogram ‘false positive’);
  4. 200,000 confirmed cancer cases; and,
  5. Immeasurable emotional, mental, and physical pain for the individuals and families of biopsy patients.

The 1.3 million biopsies undertaken that resulted in negative findings can be directly attributed to an inability to resolve areas of concern due to the limited information provided in the mammographic images.  In addition, approximately 10% of cancerous lesions are missed – partly due to dense tissue obscuring the cancer or the appearance of cancer having common characteristics with the appearance of normal tissue.

Signature Mapping™, developed by our wholly owned subsidiary Signature Mapping Medical Sciences (SMMS), delivers sophisticated image analysis processes that provide enhanced visualization capabilities and automated detection algorithms to help prevent unnecessary biopsies, while flagging previously unseen lesions for additional review.